Financial Statement Reports

Entity Report Period Ending Report
Albia Municipal Waterworks Albia, Iowa 06/30/2017 PDF icon 1723-0641-C00F.pdf
Asbury 06/30/2017 PDF icon 1720-0282-C00F.pdf
City of Cresco Cresco, Iowa 06/30/2017 PDF icon 1720-0421-C00F.pdf
Harrison County Landfill Commission 06/30/2017 PDF icon 1714-0002-C00F.pdf
Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust 06/30/2017 PDF icon 1714-1400-C00F.pdf
Rolling Hills Community Services Region 06/30/2017 PDF icon 1714-0051-C00F.pdf
Stanton 06/30/2017 PDF icon 1722-0648-C00F.pdf
Woodbine Municipal Light & Power 06/30/2017 PDF icon 1723-0409-C00F.pdf
Resale Power Group of Iowa 06/28/2017 PDF icon 1714-5555-C00F.pdf
Iowa Centennial Memorial Foundation 05/31/2017 PDF icon 1760-6553-0000.pdf
Iowa Agency for Municipal Wind 03/31/2017 PDF icon 1714-0007-C00F.pdf
Northeast Iowa Community Action Corp. 01/31/2017 PDF icon 1772-0001-C000.pdf
Abbe Center for Community Mental Health, Inc. 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1778-0048-C000.pdf
Abbe, Inc. and Subsidiaries DBA: Abbe Health 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1778-0012-C000.pdf
AMU-Skylink, L.C. 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1714-0517-C00F.pdf
Atlantic Municipal Utilities 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0128-C00F.pdf
Cedar Falls Utilities 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0046-C000.pdf
Central Water System 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1714-1604-C00F.pdf
Clay County Communications, LLC 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1714-0023-C00F.pdf
Corning Municipal Utilities 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0007-C00F.pdf
Council Bluffs City Waterworks 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0732-C00F.pdf
Des Moines Water Works 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0717-C00F.pdf
Emmet County Council of Governments 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1714-0701-C00F.pdf
Glenwood Municipal Utilities 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-4699-C00F.pdf
Iowa Capital Investment Corporation 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1733-0044-C000.pdf


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