Financial Statement Reports

Entity Report Period Endingsort ascending Report
Manning Municipal Gas Utility 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-5555-C00F.pdf
Muscatine Power and Water 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0653-C00F.pdf
Landfill of North Iowa 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1714-2335-C00F.pdf
Story City Municipal Electric Utility 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0823-C00F.pdf
Manning Municipal Communication & Television System Utility 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-3777-C00F.pdf
Manning Municipal Light Plant 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-3778-C00F.pdf
Xenia Rural Water District 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1633-0037-B000.pdf
Tama-Toledo Family Aquatic Center 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1714-0833-C00F.pdf
Silos and Smokestacks 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1633-0011-B000.pdf
Spencer Municipal Utilities 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0180-C00F.pdf
Clay County Communications, LLC 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1714-0023-C00F.pdf
Council Bluffs City Waterworks 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1723-0732-C00F.pdf
Community Action of Eastern Iowa 10/31/2016 PDF icon 1772-0006-C000.pdf
South Central IA Community Action Prog. 10/31/2016 PDF icon 1772-0025-C000.pdf
IMPACT Community Action Partnership, Inc. 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-0024-C000.pdf
Community Action Agency of Siouxland 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-0029-C000.pdf
Iowa Soybean Association 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1760-0201-C000.pdf
North Iowa Community Action Organization 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-0021-C000.pdf
Matura Action Corporation 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-0012-C000.pdf
Operation Threshold 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-0023-C000.pdf
Hawkeye Area Community Action Program 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-0009-C000.pdf
Floyd-Mitchell-Chickasaw Solid Waste Management Agency 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1714-2307-C00F.pdf
Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc. 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-0014-C000.pdf
Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc. 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-0027-C000.pdf
Community Action of Southeast Iowa 09/30/2016 PDF icon 1772-3000-C000.pdf


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