Performance/Extension Reports

Entity Report Period Ending Report
State of Iowa Accrual Review 12/31/2017 PDF icon 1860-8990-B0P4.pdf
Galt 08/30/2016 PDF icon 1422-0952-EPFP.pdf
Food Assistance Program administered by Department of Human Services 06/30/2016 PDF icon 1560-4010-B0P1.pdf
University of Northern Iowa Camp Adventure Youth Services Program 06/30/2016 PDF icon 1461-8030-BE00.pdf
Department of Transportation Automated Registration and Title Software System 04/30/2016 PDF icon 1560-6450-B0P3.pdf
Decatur County 03/31/2016 PDF icon 1510-0027-BE00.pdf
Cerro Gordo County 06/30/2015 PDF icon 1610-0017-BE00.pdf
Natural Resources, Department of 06/30/2015 PDF icon 1560-5420-B0P1.pdf
Iowa Department of Transportation 02/28/2015 PDF icon 1460-6450-B0P1.pdf
Ethanol Retailers' Tax Credit Program administered by the Iowa Department of Revenue 12/31/2014 PDF icon 1560-8990-BRP2.pdf
Judicial Districts Combined Report 06/30/2014 PDF icon 1475-0000-00P0.pdf
Report on a Review of the Open Enrollment Process as overseen by the Iowa Department of Education 06/30/2014 PDF icon 1460-2820-B0P1.pdf
Economic Development, Department of 06/30/2014 PDF icon 1360-2690-0E00.pdf
Review of Selected Computer Systems Operated by the State of Iowa 06/30/2014 PDF icon 1060-8990-B0P1.pdf
Review of the Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program Administered by the Department of Cultural Affairs 06/30/2013 PDF icon 1060-8990-B0P4.pdf
State University of Iowa 12/31/2012 PDF icon 1361-8010-b0p1.pdf
Human Services, Department of 06/30/2012 PDF icon 1260-4010-B0P1_0.pdf
Education, Department of 06/30/2012 PDF icon 1060-2820-b0p2.pdf
Natural Resources, Department of 06/30/2011 PDF icon 0960-5420-b0p2.pdf
Iowa Workforce Development 06/30/2010 PDF icon 1160-3090-b0p1.pdf
Lottery Authority 06/30/2010 PDF icon 1160-6270-b0p0.pdf
Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Department of 06/30/2010 PDF icon 1160-0090-b0p1.pdf
Review of the Iowa Early Intervention Block Grant Program Administered by the Department of Education 06/30/2010 PDF icon 0960-2820-b0p1.pdf
Department of Commerce, Alcoholic Beverages Division 05/31/2010 PDF icon 1060-2110-b0p1.pdf
DHS Juvenile Detention Home Fund 11/10/2009 PDF icon 0960-4010-b0p3.pdf


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