Special Investigation/Fraud Reports

Entity Report Period Ending Report
Des Moines Independent Community School District 07/31/2017 PDF icon 1830-1737-CE00.pdf
Carroll County 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1610-0014-TE00.pdf
Clarinda Community School District 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1630-1197-BE00.pdf
Special Investigation of the University of Iowa IT Office within the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics 12/31/2016 PDF icon 1761-8010-BE02.pdf
Des Moines Independent CSD 11/30/2016 PDF icon 1530-1737-BE00.pdf
Mount Pleasant CSD 11/14/2016 PDF icon 1730-4536-BE00.pdf
Special Investigation of the School Nutrition Association of Iowa 07/31/2016 PDF icon 1733-0072-BE00.pdf
Special Investigation of the Substance Abuse Treatment Unit of Central Iowa 07/31/2016 PDF icon 1760-5880-BE00.pdf
Earlville Athletic Association 07/10/2016 PDF icon 1621-0260-BE00.pdf
Harlan 06/30/2016 PDF icon 1620-0790-BE00.pdf
Iowa Veterans Home, Marshalltown 06/30/2016 PDF icon 1760-6710-BE00.pdf
Arcadia 03/31/2016 PDF icon 1622-0114-CE00.pdf
Decatur County 03/31/2016 PDF icon 1510-0027-BE00.pdf
South Iowa Area Crime Commission 03/31/2016 PDF icon 1614-0802-BE00.pdf
Cascade Municipal Utilities 03/16/2016 PDF icon 1523-0286-BE00.pdf
Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department 03/07/2016 PDF icon 1520-0476-TE00.pdf
Melcher-Dallas CSD 01/31/2016 PDF icon 1530-4212-BE00.pdf
Iowa State University 01/29/2016 PDF icon 1661-8020-BE00.pdf
Muscatine County Sheriff's Office 01/11/2016 PDF icon 1510-0070-BE00.pdf
Polk City 12/31/2015 PDF icon 1620-0723-BE00.pdf
Special Investigation of the Cedar County Sheriff's Office 12/31/2015 PDF icon 1510-0016-BE00.pdf
Special investigation of the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation at Iowa State University 12/15/2015 PDF icon 1561-8020-BE00.pdf
Moulton 10/31/2015 PDF icon 1522-0020-BE00.pdf
Fremont County Landfill 09/30/2015 PDF icon 1514-2353-BE00.pdf
Cerro Gordo County 06/30/2015 PDF icon 1610-0017-BE00.pdf


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