Technical & Other Updates

Technical & Other Updates

2011 Government Auditing Standards: Independence and Nonaudit Services

Sample Form:

County Mental Health Transition Funds
IRS Guidance - Cell Phones
SSAE 16 Questions and Answers
Chapter 501B of the Code of Iowa: Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations
GASB 54 - Fund Balance Reporting and Governmental Fund Type Definitions
SAS 117 Revisions
The Top 5 Public Fund Investment Questions
Forfeited Property
Iowa Gift Law Alert
Self-Insurance Mini Plans
Electronic Check Retention
Public Funds Pledging Program
Valuing Transfer of Jurisdiction Roads
City-Provided Telecommunications Services
ISCPA Local Government Update on GASB 47
Distinguishing Charges for Services from Taxation
HF 808 - 28E Entity Publications
Public Funds Rate History
(Note: This is an external link to the Iowa Department of Banking website at
OPEB and Cash Basis Financial Statements
OPEB and Cash Basis Financial Statements Update 2009
OPEB - GASB Statement No. 45
TIF Valuations Admin Basics November 2008
Employer-Provided Accident and Health Coverage for Persons Who Do Not Qualify as a Spouse or Dependent
Municipal Bond Issuers and Increased Transparency in the Market: EMMA and the New Submission Process for Continuing Disclosure

Attorney General's Letters of Advice

Transfer of Public Funds
Conflict of Interest

School Specific Updates

REVISED IDOE Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program
IDOE: Technology Declaratory Order and FAQ's
Independent Contractor vs. Employee
Statewide Sales Tax FAQ
Student Construction Program FAQ (May 2013 Update)
Declaratory Order - IJUMP

School District Student Activity Funds - Athletics, Q and A (May 2013 Update)

School District Performance Contracting

HF 882 - Nonprofit School Organizations

Intangible Assets - Sample Policies

Community School District

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